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Be sure to complete the Description of Event AND Off-Campus Event sections.
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Include: Theme or purpose, activities or programming plan; start, end times; number of participants; supervisory personnel and volunteer monitors (see additional information section); Smart Serve Certified personnel; First Aid Certified personnel; etc.
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Be sure to mention: Smart Serve (CAP 9(a); describe the type and quantity of food and non-alcoholic beverages (CAP 9(c) (d); cash bar tickets, BYOB? (CAP 9(f); extra strong/extra large drinks, shooters, kegs, special deals CAP 9(e)).
Transportation: (complete for on-campus AND off-campus event) *

Complete for ALL events. Be sure to mention: how participants will arrive and depart; transportation provider (attach confirmation); number of buses; pick-up/drop-off times and destinations (both ways); identify bus monitors; care plan for the intoxicated (on-campus/off-campus residents); etc.
Additional Information: Use this space to provide other information to help understand your event.
Compliance with Alcohol Policy
Will persons under age 19 attend the event? *

        * Answer these questions only if you selected Yes
        How Many?
        What controls will prevent underage consumption of alcohol?

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